About us

Ovacome supports women throughout their experience of ovarian cancer. We support thousands of women and family members, friends and carers every year.

We provide a range of support services; a telephone support line, a 24 hour online forum, face to face support groups, email support and an instant chat service. We also produce leaflets, information and a newsletter – all packed with information that women with ovarian cancer need. We have been doing this for 21 years! We are here to support women for as long as they need.

We also run a highly successful UK Survivors Teaching Students programme, giving presentations and educating student nurses, doctors and specialists, from undergraduate to postgraduate level on signs, symptoms and experiences of women with ovarian cancer – we are the European representatives of this programme.

We run the only ovarian cancer online forum which is accessible, informal and patient led; where women with ovarian cancer, and their family, can discuss their experiences with other women suffering from the disease. They offer each other encouragement, knowledge, understanding and friendship creating a much needed support community across the UK. Our team contribute to the forum to offer support and answers to questions. It is an important and valuable support hub for those coping with ovarian cancer.

Ovacome campaigns to help women and health professionals to recognise the signs and symptoms of ovarian cancer – and for high quality care and treatment to be available to all.

Every year Ovacome runs a free Members’ Day with talks by top health professionals and researchers and sessions which provide opportunities for women with ovarian cancer to meet and support each other.

Ovacome is not a large charity, we don’t spend your donations on large advertising or marketing campaigns, we spend it on providing support for the women with ovarian cancer when they need it and in the way they want it.

Our founder, Sarah Dickinson, experienced ovarian cancer and wanted other women to be able to access clear, reliable information, support and advice. The work we do today still reflects her vision.

With your help we can reach more women and provide more face to face support, across the UK. If you would like to support out work please get in in touch

  • hello@ovacome.org.uk
  • 0800 008 7054

Our vision and our values

We care

We support

We educate

We raise awareness

We research

We campaign

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