World Ovarian Cancer Day

May 8th marks World Ovarian Cancer Day, where organisations from around the world will unite to educate their communities about ovarian cancer and its symptoms.

Ovacome along with other patient organisations from around the world came together at the initial meetings to discuss the common issues surrounding ovarian cancer and we are pleased to be a part of a global ovarian cancer awareness event which we hope will build a sense of solidarity in the fight against ovarian cancer.

“World Ovarian Cancer Day is an exciting time for women across the world to unite in one strong voice spreading the important message of the symptoms of the disease. Ovacome is thrilled to be taking part in this third year of global activity and we will do all we can to continue raising the profile of ovarian cancer here in the UK, where we strive to raise awareness and funding for this often overlooked disease.” Louise Bayne CEO Ovacome

Going Viral

As this is global campaign we want to share our participation with the other global organisations involved so please help us to spread the word by using social media sites to inform others of how you are supporting World Ovarian Cancer Day. You can send us your pictures or post them to our Facebook and Twitter pages so we can share them with our wider community.

@Ovacome #WOCD

As one of the founding members of World Ovarian Cancer Day, we would be happy to provide leaflets, posters and ribbons to help support and raise awareness for this day. You can order materials here.

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