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Clinical trials research new treatments or procedures. The National Cancer patient experience survey 2014 showed that only 29% of gynaecological cancer patients reported that taking part in research had been discussed with them. However 64% of those patients say that they went on to take part in research. With this in mind, we have created The Ovarian Cancer Trials Finder to make searching for trials easier and to promote discussions between clinicians and patients regarding participating in trials.

There are many different reasons for being interested in clinical trials. You may decide to participate in a trial for the opportunity of receiving a new treatment, which may or may not work; or you may participate to promote understanding of ovarian cancer for future patients even if there may not be direct benefit to you. There are many factors to bear in mind when participating in a clinical trial. The following link will take you to the NHS Choices website which has a useful outline of things you may want to consider when thinking about trials:

If you have any questions about clinical trials, please contact our Support Line on 0800 008 7054 or email and we will be happy to provide you with further information.

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