Grants from Trusts and Foundations help us to underpin a wide range of our work in supporting women and their families affected by ovarian cancer.

Ovacome is grateful to the Trusts and Foundations that have supported our work in the past and continue to support our work today. Without their vision and investment our vital work would not be possible.

We provide:
  • Thorough monitoring of projects to highlight how many women and families are benefitting from the funded work.
  • Regular reports on the progress of a project and our work in general.
  • A comprehensive evaluation at the end of a grant to illustrate how funding has made a tangible difference to the women and families we support.
  • Opportunities to meet and talk with project staff.

If you would like to know more about how your Trust and Foundation could support the work of Ovacome, please get in touch  with Lee Priestly – 7299 6651.

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