You can help raise money for Ovacome by recycling and at the same time de-clutter your home and help the environment.

Recycling helps raise valuable funds and reduces the demand for raw materials; reducing the detrimental impact on the environment, wildlife habitats and health problems for people. Recycling is one way in which we can help reduce waste and protect the environment while raising money; it really is a win win situation!

If you have any questions, please get in touch 7299 6651

Support Ovacome by recycling your…

Give a Car

Giveacar is a not-for-profit social enterprise that can turn your old car into cash for Ovacome. They arrange free collection, then either sell your car at auction or scrap it with the proceeds raised going to your charity. Using a nationwide network of breakers yards and salvage partners, they have handled the auction and disposal of over 8,000 vehicles so they know how to raise the best donation possible whether your car is in perfect condition or not. If you need to get rid of an old car and would like to do some good at the same time, give them a call 0207 736 4242 or email them at Giveacar
Collection is Free
They provide a fast collection service
They’ll collect any car
They offer a nationwide service

Ink cartridges & toners

We are pleased to announce that we have teamed up with The Recycling Factory to recycle ink cartridges. Recycling for Ovacome couldn’t be easier, and there is no cost to you or your company. Please call The Recycling Factory on 0800 091 0696 or email to arrange collection. They can normally arrange this for the next working day after you contact them. Collections are booked via FedEx and take place between 9am-5pm Monday to Friday.

What they can’t recycle:

Laser toner cartridges
Toner bottles
Ribbon cartridges
Sharp, Toshiba, Xerox or Ricoh
Compatible or Re-filled cartridges

Old and new UK and foreign coins & bank notes

These can be from any country and of any age, so all of those obsolete pre-euro notes are a perfect start! Ever wondered what to do with the loose holiday change you have lying around? You can now donate your unwanted foreign coins / bank notes to help raise money for Ovacome.
They accept the following:
All foreign coins
Pre-Euro currency
Old British and Irish money
Pre-decimal coins
Commemorative coins
Obsolete currency

Just download the free post label.

New and used stamps and old postcards

It doesn’t matter if they have already been used, or if they are everyday first or second class stamps – we can collect enough of them to raise money for Ovacome. We can raise more money from overseas stamps. We also collect first day covers, presentation packs and albums.

Stamps are mostly sold by weight, if we can identify any valuable stamps they can be sold for a higher price. As a general guideline Ovacome can expect to receive around £10 for one kilogram of British stamps. We also raise up to £15 for a kilogram of overseas stamps. Do encourage your friends and family, at home and abroad, to save their stamps for Ovacome.

Please cut the stamp off the envelope leaving approximately 1cm of envelope bordering each stamp. The rest of the envelope can be discarded (which will make it cheaper to send). Please separate the stamps into:
Overseas – Jersey, Guernsey, Eire and Isle of Man are classed as overseas
The value of a stamp does not matter, so 1p stamps can be grouped together with £1 stamps.

Please send your stamps to: Ovacome Stamp collection, 52-54 Featherstone Street, London EC1Y 8RT

If you would like receipt of Ovacome receiving your stamps please enclose an email address with your name in your envelope. We are unfortunately unable to provide stamp collection boxes.

All types of jewellery & watches

We recycle all unwanted jewellery, odd earrings, broken chains, costume jewellery, watches, children’s jewellery etc. in all materials: plastics, wood, bronze, gold, silver etc. they have experts in place to ensure that all items we receive are individually assessed and recycled to get Ovacome the highest price possible.

Just download the free post label.

Phones, laptops, gaming and MP3

We are very pleased to be working with SHP for Charity. They recycle for hospices and charities. To date, ShP for Charity raised over £2 million pounds for charities of all sizes through recycling programmes.

ShP for Charity allows mobile phones, laptops, gaming and MP3e owners in the UK to recycle old redundant handsets to raise money for Ovacome. The service is free, quick, simple and environmentally friendly. With over an estimated 80 million redundant mobile phones, laptops, gaming and MP3in the UK currently, there has never been a better time to recycle your old mobile phones to help charity. Call 01524 580 910 or email Shpforcharity to arrange your recycling.

ShP for Charity offer a full service recycling option for IT and Telecoms waste. To this end they can take everything from a mobile phone up to a full server decommission and everything in between.  Depending on the item they can provide full asset tracking and data destruction, to ensure that all your assets are traceable and that you can prove that all information has been securely wiped.  Data destruction is covered by a 5 million pound indemnity per drive and they are registered with the ICO operating to infosec cesg standards. They can also cover your CSR environmental standards with regard to ISO 14001


ISO 9001, 14001, 27001, ICO registered, EA Registered, AATF, Blannco Data Wiping Partner, Adisa approved

What they can recycle:

Mobile Phones, Ink/ Toner Cartridges, Digital Cameras, Games consoles including handheld, PC base units, Laptops and peripherals

For more information or if you have any questions please contact Simon Gregory on 01524 580910 or email

Thank you for your support!

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