wedding favours

Choose our teal enamel pins as Wedding Favours and support Ovacome on your special day.

As you plan for your perfect day, including Ovacome as part of your wedding celebration is a really special and lovely way to help and also remember a loved one.

Our unique and beautifully designed Ovacome keepsakes are a wonderful way to make a donation. As you and your guests sit down to celebrate your special day, you will be helping women with Ovarian Cancer and their families.

To give a special gift to Ovacome on your big day we have teal enamel pins or our lovely teal bracelets with 2 pink beads.

For our teal enamel pin / lapel pin we suggest a minimum donation of £1 per pin.

The teal and pink bead bracelet are £6.50 each

To make an enquiry or request your Wedding Favours please contact our Fundraising Manager Lee Riley on 020 7299 6651 or email her at

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