Ovacome fellowship 

Ovacome is, for the first time, involved in the funding of research into finding more effective treatments to fight ovarian cancer. This is thanks to a very generous donation made to the charity by a patient of Ovacome’s medical adviser Professor Sean Kehoe.

The legacy – which was partly also aimed at supporting the charity itself – is being used for research into ovarian and ovarian like cancers. Professor Kehoe is leading a team of researchers at Birmingham University, where he works as a gynaecological surgeon.

The aim of the research is to try to understand in more detail what happens to the tumour when it has been treated. “We want to find out how it changes,” says Professor Kehoe. “Does it become altered in some way that may make it more resistant to treatments?

“Normally, a tumour tissue is examined before treatment, a single point in time, when in fact matters are more complicated and dynamic. But with this research, using biopsies, we will look at the changes in tissue that occur during treatment, which may be a route to other therapies.” The work will also look at certain pathways in the tumours to see if by blocking the pathway the chemotherapy can be made more effective, or if the blocking itself is an actual treatment as well.

“The main aim is to get new and better treatments to the patients. Such work is important and there are many other areas to explore. The big costs nowadays is often the technology used, and of course the researchers,” says Professor Kehoe.

Ovacome will be recognised in any papers published and acknowledged in all talks and lectures Professor Kehoe gives at any meetings. If you wish to donate towards the Ovacome research centre in Birmingham University, then please contact the charity’s office manager Sonia Vig on 020 7299 6654.


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