Can you help with research on cancer related fatigue?

March 2010

Researchers in Trinity College Dublin are investigating the causes of cancer fatigue and the factors that contribute to the development of chronic fatigue in some cancer patients. The study is funded by the Irish Cancer Society and the IRCSET 'Embark Initiative'.


Who can participate?
Anyone who (a) has been treated for cancer or is currently being treated for cancer and (b) is experiencing fatigue.


What does participation involve?
Participation involves filling in a number of questionnaires about your fatigue, the factors you believe contribute to your fatigue, and the coping strategies you use to manage this symptom.


How can I participate?
If you would like to participate please complete this online questionnaire:


If you would prefer to complete the questionnaire in hard copy or if you would like further information, please contact the researcher: Maria Pertl (Phone: 01 896 3083 / E-mail: