Published October 2018

"So here it is… my milestone reached, 10 years cancer-free."

"After 2 years back and forth to my GP with stomach bloating, indigestion and back pain, I was diagnosed on 1 September 2008, at 28 years old, with Stage 3B peritoneal ovarian cancer."

After being sent for an ultrasound as her doctor suspected that she may have gallstones, Kay was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and underwent a full hysterectomy and omentectomy, followed by 6 rounds of chemotherapy.

"As you can imagine, at such a young age, to be diagnosed with a tumour was quite overwhelming at first, but I stayed positive all the way throughout my treatments. The support network that I had around me, my friends and family, was out of this world and I couldn’t have done it without them."

"I have loved and lost close ones to this disease, made amazing friends from around the world through it, and I’m here to tell my story to anyone who will listen."