I was diagnosed in May/June 2012 after the birth of my second daughter Rosie. Although I’d had symptoms before, they were put down to being pregnant; bloated tummy, needing the toilet more often, feeling full, etc.

I was in labour with Rosie and having contractions but the midwife knew something wasn’t right. After a few days the hospital decided I had a ‘mass’ which was stopping the baby from being born and that I needed an emergency C-section.

During the C-section, I was told: "everything is fine – it’s just a fibroid" and "it will go away on its own". However, I hadn’t realised that during the C-section a sample of the fibroid and they’d sent it off for a biopsy because they "might as well".

I went home after a number of days because I was having problems urinating and had to have a catheter fitted. 3 weeks later I got extremely bad tummy pains and felt very poorly. I was taken to hospital and put on morphine for the pain. I had peritonitis and pneumonia/a chest infection. During my stay in hospital a nurse told me (whilst on my own) that I had a tumour. This made me very scared; I was on my own feeling poorly. In the morning a doctor came and confirmed that I had ovarian cancer. It was stage 3c.

I was in hospital for a week and then started chemo a week later. Rosie was 4 weeks old. I had a horrific regime of Carboplatin chemo and debulking surgery in October 2012, which lasted around 12 hours.

I finished chemo in January 2013. I had a full hysterectomy and debulking surgery in October 2012. I had a large 15+ cm tumour in my pelvis, some others in my abdomen which were golf ball-sized and some on my liver. The surgery removed 99% of my tumours, although during surgery they noticed nodules on my diaphragm.

Post chemo/surgery I stayed on Avastin for 12 months. I had clear scans with No Evidence of Disease (NED) until 2016.

In August 2015 I noticed a lump in my lower abdomen on the line of my C-section scar. I went to get it checked. My gynaecologist said that he thought it was a cyst but sent me to have two ultrasound scans. Both times they said it was a fatty lump. I persisted as I believed the cancer was back.

In January/February 2016 they eventually did a biopsy/MRI which confirmed recurrent ovarian cancer. I had lots of nodules. I had another 6 rounds of Carboplatin, then in September 2016 I went on Tamoxifen. My cancer is a very low grade rare cancer. I have been on a trial as the Tamoxifen wasn’t stopping my cancer from growing (if slowly). I have been on Tremetinib since February 2018. A recent scan showed that this has shrunk my tumours by 10%.