There are now two vaccines against Covid-19 in use in the UK. They’re being given to those groups of people who are most at risk from the virus. For more information about the vaccine, our friends at Ovarian Cancer Action have some FAQs and links to official sources at Covid-19 vaccine FAQs | Ovarian Cancer Action.

As with any other kind of healthcare, whether to have the vaccine if it’s offered to you is a personal decision for you to make in consultation with your team. They will be able to give you individual medical advice about whether the vaccine is safe for you. If so, they can discuss with you the potential benefits and risks of having it taking into account your medical history, test results, wishes and other relevant information. 

We’re here to support you, so if it would help to talk through your options and any questions that you would like to ask your team to help you to make a decision about the vaccine or any other aspect of your care, please get in touch with our support team. Call 0800 008 7054, email [email protected] , or ask us a question through the instant chat box below (the little pink box at the bottom of your screen that says 'Can we help you?').