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Ovacome is a membership charity and membership is open to health professionals and students. As an Ovacome member, you’ll be notified of any upcoming expert talks, as well as new campaigns and insights into patient perspective.

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Please indicate below how you would like to receive communications from Ovacome. Please tick ’by post’ as one of your options if you want to receive a hard copy of the Ovacome magazine three times a year, otherwise we can send you an electronic copy by email. You can choose as many communications preference options as you like.

If you are registering as a cancer care professional member and have provided a telephone number, you will receive an initial phone call from a member of our support team to discuss how we can best support you and your patients moving forwards. For all other communication your preferred method(s) of contact will be used.

Many of our Cancer Care Professional Members request multiple copies of the Ovacome Magazine, to distribute at their place of work for patients. If you have selected ’By post’ as a preferred communication method above and would like us to send you more than one copy of the magazine each time a new edition is published, please let us know how many you would like us to send you.