Challenge 1 COMPLETE: 2590 Burpees in 6 hours. 10th Feb.
WHY? 2590 is 35% of 7,400. According to Cancer Research UK, 35% of women with ovarian cancer survive 10 years or more and there are around 7,400 women diagnosed each year ( 

Challenge 2 COMPLETE: 4x4x48 (Run 4 miles every 4 hours for 48 hours)
Feb 24th

Challenge 3 COMPLETE: 818 Weighted Vest (12kg) Push Ups for time.
May 15th

Challenge 4: Rope Climb the height of the Burj Khalifa - 2,772 ft. July 10th.


I'm Harri - Founder & Mind & Body Breakthrough Coach.

I’m about to endeavour on a set of challenges, whereby I’ll be completing 12 gruelling fitness challenges to raise money and awareness for an incredible charity called: Ovacome.

Ovacome are a small UK based attentive charity that have played a significant part in caring and supporting my family throughout the hardest periods of our lives.

I’ve rewritten this page at least 7 times now because at the time of writing this my mum, being the Stoic she was, made me take out the soppy bits so I’m going to keep this short and sweet.

She had been battling Ovarian Cancer for 8 years and was put to rest in Feb 2021.

Her demeanour, her values & morals will live on through myself, my brother, my dad and other family members & friends - whom she touched with her loving, caring warmth.

She continued to work throughout every treatment period she’s been in, she emotionally influenced so many people she came into contact with, which has been shown by the incredible messages my family & I have received. This is exactly why I do what I do now, I want to influence people in the way she did through different means.

It's my personal tribute to my Mum, my way of grievance, to increase belief in our potential, to promote health, mindset, gratitude and overall, to try and comprehend the 0.0001% of mental & physical pain and suffering people go through with this disease (and alike).

It’s a disease that not many people know of & are aware of how devastating it can be to ones quality of life. Take extra care for the women in your life.

The events I’m doing are pretty spontaneous, I don't have the opportunity to put my life on hold to train for them so I never know if I'll be able to complete the intended goal but I'll give a good go!

I’m doing my bit, so please do your bit by donating as much as you can spare for this cause, so they can continue to care for women like my mum.

The money you're donating will be used to help people who're going through this get the best possible treatment & support that they need & provide further research for preventions, cures & medicine.

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Please share your donations: Tag my instagram & Facebook, and use the hashtag: #Ovacome12in12

Thank you so much for your time & donations

Harri Harri Pereira