Last year I was diagnosed with Stage 3C Low grade serous ovarian cancer, I was 33yrs old and thought I was fit and healthy, it was a complete shock and was picked up accidently on a routine checkup. I quickly deteriorated and by the time I went in for my debulking my CA125 levels were 1800 and I had 2litres of ascites, I had also dropped weight drastically and was in alot of pain.

Thankfully after successful treatment and support I am NED. Ovacome have been and still continue to be there for me, as I manage treatment and learn more about my cancer diagnoses and the impacts that has made. The support groups, online forum and resources are invaluable to people with ovarian cancer and their families.

Daryl my husband who also suffered from Cancer in 2018, his being testicular stage 1 seminoma. Has been an inspiration and rock, his experience in the process of diagnoses and treatment was invaluable and when I discussed the idea of giving back by raising money for the charity he was overjoyed. In 2024 we will be showing that you can go from Cancer to climbing Kilimanjaro and in the process will be raising vital funds for Ovacome. Ovarian cancer is the biggest gynological killer in the UK and least spoken of we want to help change this.

I will be recording our training, events and journey through my instagram account @gettingovarit

Shanie Thomas