Thank you so much for visiting my fundraising page.

As many of you know, I sadly lost my Mom to ovarian cancer in 2008. In 2007 my sisters and I walked the Race for Life with my Mom, to help raise awareness for Ovacome, a charity that provided much needed advice and support to Mom throughout her illness. We sadly lost Mom just over 6 months later, in January 2008. It is for that reason and for those women living with ovarian cancer and their loved ones, that I have decided to run the London Marathon this year in aid of Ovacome.

At the start of this journey, I could barely run 5k but I am determined to run the full 26.2 miles and raise as much money as I possibly can. Although I'll be running alone on this occasion, I'm sure my Mom will be with me each step of the way.

Ovacome helps raise awareness of ovarian cancer and provides a range of support services for those affected by ovarian cancer. This includes the family and friends of those diagnosed, as well as those who might be at higher risk of the disease because of their family history.

Ovacome also work closely with doctors and other clinicians to ensure that those diagnosed are given the most up-to-date information to help them navigate their treatment and care.

Ovacome is also a community for anyone affected by ovarian cancer, meaning that the charity provides groups and events where people can meet others in similar circumstances, to share advice and offer each other encouragement along the way.

Every donation to Ovacome goes towards creating new services to support all those affected by this less common cancer. Any amount that you feel able to give could make a huge difference to the life of someone going through diagnosis and treatment at the moment.

It would mean a lot to me if you could share this fundraising page with your friends and family, as well as on your social media.

I want to support Ovacome to do more for those affected by this disease, but I need your help to do so.

Thank you!


10 miles ✔️ weekly mileage 21 miles

11 miles - total weekly mileage 22 miles

Taper week:- 8 miles total weekly mileage 20 miles

12 miles
✔️ Total weekly mileage 26 miles

13.1 miles ✔️ total weekly mileage 27 miles

14 Miles - Total Weekly Mileage

ge 28 Miles

Melissa Danks