Netta Stead I'm fundraising to support a friend who has lost a loved one to ovarian cancer and to raise as much money as I can for an amazing charity.
At some point in our lives cancer touches us all. It isn’t until you spend time with others who have lost loved ones to cancer that you realise just how much love and support we want to show each other. I’m decided to do this walk to show my friend Claire who lost a partner to ovarian cancer how much I care and how much her story has touched me as a person. My goal is to walk as many miles as I can to raise as much money as possible for Ovacome, I hope to share the message far and wide that ever little bit helps. Every little donation made will help to make a difference to this important cause. Clare and I plan to use our lunches at work to walk the miles away chatting about our lives and hopefully sharing stories about her wonderful partner, hopefully we can get people in our office to come together and share things we might not get to do in a busy work day raising aware for this worthy cause. Netta Stead