Since Siobhan’s (Mom) diagnosis of Stage 4 Ovarian cancer, Ovacome have been there for her every step of the way. At an extremely challenging time of the Covid 19 pandemic, Ovacome provided knowledge and support for Siobhan through weekly support groups. This allowed Siobhan to not only meet other women online who are going through a similar diagnosis, but also receive professional advice from Ovacome staff at a time where the world was isolating due to the Global Pandemic! This was vital for Siobhan and really helped with her life changing diagnosis. We would like to raise as much money as possible to support Ovacome with the work that they do to support women, as their support has been and still is incredible for Siobhan and the many other women the charity supports. Ovacome are incredible and deserve the recognition for their amazing work, this is the beginning of Thank You from our family for all they have done and are still doing for my amazing Mom.

Alice Carby