Orion Trading Around 7,300 women are diagnosed with ovarian cancer in the UK each year and the earlier it is diagnosed and treated, the better the chance of a cure, however often it is not recognised until it has already spread and a cure isn’t possible. Even after successful treatment, there’s a high chance the cancer will return in the next few years.

The Orion team are collaborating with colleagues within the building to raise money and awareness for Ovacome. Eighteen of us will be running 10km on the 17th February at Hyde Park and would be hugely appreciative of your support and donations.

Ovarian cancer has personally affected many of us in the team and we are the biggest group that Ovacome have had run on their behalf.

Ovacome provide a range of support services for anyone who has been affected by ovarian cancer, whether directly or indirectly. They offer a free telephone support line, a 24 hour online forum, email support, instant chat services and face to face support groups. They also work to raise awareness of the disease and to provide information from some of the top clinicians in the field of ovarian cancer.

Ovacome also fund a research fellow at Birmingham University, who is working to develop new therapies and understand and improve outcomes for women with advanced ovarian cancer.

As a smaller charity, every donation really helps Ovacome to continue and expand their services, providing vital support to those affected by this lesser known form of cancer. Any amount that you can offer would be greatly appreciated and would contribute towards their important work.

Please share this page with your friends and family on Facebook, Twitter and elsewhere, so that we can reach our target and that together, we can help Ovacome to do more for those affected by this disease. Thank you! Orion Trading