London Marathon - Sunday 2nd October 2022

I'm running the London Marathon this year in aid of Ovacome, UK's Ovarian Cancer Charity.

This cancer is known as the 'silent' cancer as sadly many woman are unaware they have it, especially in the early stages!

As you may know my Mum was diagnosed with Stage 4 Ovarian Cancer last year and although she has completed her chemotherapy she has to continue with further cancer drugs.

I am in awe of my mum's strength throughout her treatment she never moans or complains, just gets on with everything thrown at her. My mum is an incredibly strong woman and if she can cope with all the pain she has been through this last year then I can endure the pain of 26.2 miles running the London Marathon. She's my queen, my world and everything in between and I'm doing this for My Mum! Stephanie Rakhshani