Harri Pereira Thank you for visiting, I appreciate your time & ANY amounts of donations for my 12 hour Workout.

Event details:
- 12 hour workout
- 6 exercises
- 2 hours per exercise
- No full rests, only standard session rest times [60 sec - 3 mins]
- Live recording on my socials. [Instagram: @coach_pereira | Facebook: Fundamental Fitness Academy]
As some of you may know, going through cancer & the treatment/chemo is [unimaginably] tough, emotional & painful. It'll make drain you to make you feel incompetent & may prevent you from doing simple daily tasks, it may even give you mood swings like no other, trust me I've seen it first hand!

My Mum's the strongest, most inspiring woman [cliche, I know], she's been through this for the past 8.5 years which has been tiring for her. We/me have to help these people in our families whether it's your daughter, niece, mum, aunt, grandma, great grandma, WHOEVER it is, we're the ones who have to be there & support. And this is how I'm choosing to support my mum, as well as your mum, your family member and not to forget, the incredible health workers who are not only providing the care & necessary treatment but are acting as friends & advice givers throughout the process.

I was hesitant to even tell her about this fundraising event I had the idea of doing because she hates attention, fuss & sympathy. As soon as I told her I predicted the reaction to a T.

There's 2 things she would say:
- "don't do that it's dangerous, can't you just do a triathlon or something?" [no disrespect to triathletes but it's a lot shorter than 12 hours]
- "let me read the page first I don't want you putting stuff on there about me".

I was not wrong! After trying to convince me not to do a workout for 24 hours, I though I'd compromise and settle for 12 hours.

This situation has prevented her from doing the 2 things she values & loves most throughout certain periods of this last 8.5 years: hairdressing & being a Mum.

I want to raise as much money as possible to help people who're in a similar situation. I've seen how hard it is physically & mentally & all I really wish for the suffering to be handed over to myself but seeing as that's not possible, I want people's minds to be put at ease knowing that when a family member, partner or friend is going through something like this, that every single day, there's more and more people trying to help by doing their bit to raise money for this fantastic charity and ultimately, to relieve the consequences of this disease.

The money you're donating will be used to help people who're going through this get the best possible treatment & support that they need & provide further research for preventions, cures & medicine.

Please support this campaign by donating only a small amount if you can. I'm going to be doing this 12 hour workout no matter how much money I raise, because it's 12 hours of suffering, where my mental toughness & physical presence will be tested but people going through this, suffer day in day out.

Please share this page with your friends and family on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and elsewhere, thank you! Harri Pereira