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Advanced ovarian cancer changes everything.

For those affected, having time can make all the difference.

Each person affected has a unique story to tell. 

Each will choose to use their time differently.

What is important is having the time they need.


In the UK, over 4,400 people are diagnosed with advanced ovarian cancer (stage 3 or 4) each year1,2. Progress over recent years means that there are more and more treatment options becoming available that offer choice for this community.3 Today, it is more important than ever, that those affected are given the time they need to make informed decisions about their care and to have those important conversations that can be life changing.

That is why Ovacome, Ovarian Cancer Action and GSK have come together to create Give Her Time – a campaign focused on empowering those living with advanced ovarian cancer to have the time to choose, to be themselves and to be heard.

  • Time to understand that they can make choices about their care and anything else that matters to them.
  • Time to be themselves and know that their feelings and decisions are valid, whatever they may be.
  • Time to be heard, and have their needs and preferences acted on by those involved in their care.

We are grateful to our advanced ovarian cancer community for sharing their real-life experiences with us, which has led to the creation of this campaign. We hope to empower those affected to make informed decisions in the future and elevate the voices of people living beyond their diagnosis of advanced ovarian cancer.

Every story is unique, and every story is important.


Kerrys story     Samixas story


Together we can all #GiveHerTime.


Find out more

If you have advanced ovarian cancer, or know someone who does, read our Give Her Time Discussion Guide that can help with important conversations and decision-making. 

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May 2021



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