Treatment for ovarian cancer can cause menopause for younger people and worsening symptoms for older people. Everyone will have very different experiences of the menopause and symptoms can vary in impact and how long they last.

Surgery and chemotherapy for younger people who have not gone through the menopause can mean that their menopause starts much earlier than it would naturally. Our booklet on surgical menopause provides further information and suggestions for relieving symptoms. 

When you have both ovaries removed (bilateral oophorectomy) before you have experienced a natural menopause, you will go into the menopause straight away.

The removal of a single ovary, leaving one functioning ovary in the body, may lead to experiencing the menopause earlier.

Our booklet on surgical menopause provides further information and suggestions for relieving symptoms.

In June 2020, we held a live online session with menopause expert Dr Louise Newson about managing menopausal symptoms, which you can watch here:


Dr Newson has recently launched an app to help women to manage their menopause and share their experiences and advice with others. The app is called Balance and can be download in the App Store and Google Play.


The menopause can also affect sex and intimacy in a number of ways. Our booklet on ovarian cancer and sexuality offers some solutions to issues commonly experienced by people going through menopause.

Listed below are some further sources of information and support which may be helpful:

Hysterectomy Association

Menopause Exchange

Hyster Sisters

Menopause Matters

The Daisy Network (Younger Women) 

Become clothing

Cucumber clothing

Women’s Health Concern information on CBT for menopausal symptoms


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