Women in the workplace are finding out the facts about ovarian cancer as Ovacome visits employers as part of staff health and wellbeing programmes.

Although ovarian cancer is uncommon, it is important for women to know the signs and symptoms to look out for because the disease is often diagnosed late, once it has spread.  Ovacome’s new project Ovacome at Work takes women with ovarian cancer into workplaces to tell their stories and teach staff to recognise the early signs of possible cancer.

Staff at a well-known retailer said:

It was great to hear Mary telling her story."

“The facts about ovarian cancer were delivered in a warm and down to earth way."

“It’s made me far more aware; now I know what to look out for."

“The story was eye-opening and taught me lot – Thank you!"

The sessions are designed to give information in a warm and supportive way, with lots of discussion and questions.  They aim to give women the knowledge they need to seek medical help when they need it most.

Ovacome at Work tailors sessions to fit into workplace timetables and office spaces.  The speakers are trained volunteers who are used to describing their own experiences to educate others.

The sessions are free and all staff; both women and men are welcome.  We have worked with public service staff, in the finance sector, with insurance companies and high street retailers.  If you would like to talk about how we could work with you call 0207 299 6653 or email [email protected]