We have been supporting research at the University of Birmingham since 2014.

The research project is supervised by Professor Kehoe and undertaken by Dr Rachel Pounds, Ovacome Clinical Research Fellow.  The research aims to determine why ovarian tumours become resistant to chemotherapy. 

This project will help specialist doctors and scientists understand more about the development of resistance to chemotherapy in ovarian cancer. The detection of certain cells within a tumour that are involved in chemotherapy resistance will create the potential for new targeted therapies to be developed and could allow personalised treatment plans for individuals with the disease. This has the possibility of preventing ovarian cancer recurrences and could ultimately prolong survival in patients with the disease.

Biopsies are collected and stored from patients who have been treated for ovarian cancer at the Pan Birmingham Gynaecological Cancer Centre, City Hospital, Birmingham. The research group, which comprises doctors and scientists from the University of Birmingham and the University of Warwick, are developing new chemotherapy treatments with fewer side effects for the management of ovarian cancer. They are utilising the latest equipment and specialist technology to analyse the project findings.  

Ovacome has recently also funded expansion of the research team by providing funding for a Laboratory Technician to assist the team.


Ovacome Research Day

Every six months, we run our Ovacome Research Days, during which we gave our members the opportunity to visit the research laboratories in Birmingham and attend presentations by Professor Kehoe and Dr Pounds about the research that we fund. To find out when our next Research day will be visit our events page.