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Ovacome’s chief executive Louise Bayne is asking members and their friends and family to get behind the message of BEAT by hosting their own events. “This is a very exciting time for Ovacome. Ovarian cancer awareness month is the ideal time of year when we can make ourselves heard in the press and never has this been more the case than with our BEAT ovarian cancer campaign”.

“We already have the ear of many key journalists, giving members a strong platform from which to run their own events. Now it is down to our members and supporters to help us to spread the word of BEAT”.

There are many ways that you can get involved in the BEAT campaign.

Take a poster to your GP’s surgery

It is important that not only women are made aware of the symptoms of ovarian cancer, but that GPs and other healthcare professionals are aware too. Ovacome has produced a poster for surgeries and health centres detailing the symptoms of ovarian cancer and asking women to speak to their doctors is they are experiencing any of the symptoms.

We would like to encourage women to take a copy of this poster along to their local surgery or clinic and ask that it is displayed in their waiting room.

Raising awareness

It is important that every women is made as aware as possible about the signs and symptoms of ovarian cancer. A recent survey by Ovacome found that over 90% of women with ovarian cancer did not know the symptoms of the disease before diagnosis and it is still widely believed that cervical screening will detect ovarian cancer – it does not. This lack of awareness amongst both women and healthcare professionals is often a contributing factor towards so many women experiencing delayed diagnosis and when correct diagnosis does eventually happen, the disease is often at a late stage which often makes successful treatment more difficult.

You can help change this by making sure the women you know amongst your friends and family, in your workplace and in your wider community are aware of ovarian cancer and its symptoms. You can do this in a number of simple ways, from displaying a poster or handing out leaflets, to organising an awareness coffee morning or giving a short talk at your workplace.

Ovacome can provide you with all the support and materials you need, just contact us on 020 7299 6654.

Learn more about the symptoms of ovarian cancer here

See all our campaign materials here

Tell your story

Ovacome is delighted that so many of our members have supported us so far with offers to speak to the media. However, we still need more of you who would be happy to talk with a journalist to get in touch. It is important that women’s stories about the disease and their diagnosis are heard as it helps to spread awareness about ovarian cancer and its symptoms. Most people find it a very positive and empowering experience to share their stories – if you would like to share any part of yours, contact Juliet Morrison on 01273 208356.

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