Younger Women’s Support Group.

A friendly group for women diagnosed with ovarian cancer before the age of 45. We are also joined by different guest speakers each month.

Location: Maggies, West London.

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Ovarian Cancer Support Service

If you have been diagnosed with ovarian cancer or think that you could be at risk call our specialist team on our support line for expert guidance, personalised clinical and research information and emotional support. Join Ovacome today, membership is free.

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Survivors Teaching Students

The Survivors Teaching Students programme uses the voices and experiences of women with ovarian cancer to help students learn and retain knowledge about the signs and symptoms, risk factors and treatment protocols for the disease.

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We were founded by women with ovarian cancer themselves and are therefore especially sensitive to the needs of women with this devastating diagnosis. We have been supporting women affected by ovarian cancer and their families since 1996. Our specialist support team give expert guidance, personalised clinical and research information, emotional support and resources for women diagnosed with ovarian cancer or worried they might be at risk. We run the only ovarian cancer online forum which is accessible, informal and patient led; where women with ovarian cancer, and their family, can discuss their experiences with other women suffering from the disease. They offer each other encouragement, knowledge, understanding and friendship creating a much needed support community. Join Ovacome today, membership is free.


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16th Feb 2018: The spring 2018 edition of the Ovacome newsletter is now available to read and download.
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