Fundraising with family and friends

Here are great fundraising ideas to get you started. If you get stuck and would like more ideas or need some help & advice please do get in touch 7299 6651.

We have handheld collection tins and collection buckets to help, as well as balloons, t-shirts, enamel teal pins, teal ribbon pins, silicon wrist bands & leaflets. Please fill in our order form here.

Matched giving

Ask your employer if they operate a matched giving scheme as this is a really good way to increase the money you raise from sponsorship.

Bake sale

In your local community or at work, a fundraising classic, get lots of friends & family involved.

Coffee Morning

Invite your friends round for a good natter & catch up, whilst enjoying your wonderful cupcakes, tray bakes, homemade biscuits and gateau’s.

Supermarket bag packing

Get a few people you know to volunteer for a couple of hours. Offer to help pack people’s shopping in exchange for a donation. Contact your local supermarket as early as possible to arrange a time and date because slots often get booked up well in advance. Don’t forget to order your collection buckets.

Auction of promises

Instead of auctioning items, ask your friends, family or work colleagues to pledge their time, skills and services to be put up for auction. People can bid for someone to spend the day helping as a handyman, gardener, hairdresser or what about the ironing…

Green Fingers

In the springtime ask local gardeners and garden centres for donations of seeds, seedlings or bedding plants and host an afternoon of garden sales.


Host one at your local pub, community centre, school, café, work and charge a small entry fee to take part. Have great fun with the questions.

Give up a bad habit for a set time

Could you manage a month?

Dinner party

Turn your dining room into a restaurant and ask your guests to make a donation to Ovacome.

Your choice-athon

What about doing an activity for 24 hours, dancing is always fun, invite friends to take turns, choose music from different decades and have a giggle.

Be an original

Come up with something that no one has done before, the wackier the better!


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