Being diagnosed with ovarian cancer can be overwhelming. As well as anxieties about the illness and its treatment there is a range of additional issues that will occupy both your and your family’s thoughts. Work and finance, how to deal with talking to friends, and how to access good quality information are just some of the issues which can be a source of uncertainty.
Finding the right words can be difficult, not only for you, but for your loved ones too. Not only are they feeling shocked and saddened by your diagnosis, they may also be afraid to upset you. Some people find it easier to talk than others, and they may avoid the subject of your health.
This section provides resources to help you deal with the practical issues of living with ovarian cancer. Ovacome staff have many years of experience, and are able to support and guide you through the difficult times. Each year we speak to hundreds of women who have walked their own path through this disease. These pages are a reflection of the main issues shared by many of you.

We also hold an annual Member’s Day to offer information and support to all those affected by ovarian cancer.

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