Support for younger women

Ovarian cancer charities join forces to support younger women with ovarian cancer.

Every year 1,000 women under the age of 50 are diagnosed with ovarian cancer.The UK’s four ovarian cancer charities have joined forces to provide an information guide for younger women diagnosed with ovarian cancer.

Ovacome, Ovarian Cancer Action, Target Ovarian Cancer and The Eve Appeal have produced A Younger Woman’s Guide to ovarian cancer to offer advice and support. On top of dealing with the emotions of a cancer diagnosis and the physical effects of treatment, younger women often face additional challenges including the loss of fertility and facing an early menopause, undergoing treatment whilst caring for young children, older relatives or a demanding job and struggling to cope with the financial burden a cancer diagnosis presents.

As fewer women are diagnosed at a younger age, it can be a very isolating experience. The new guide provides crucial information, advice and signposting to help women through the emotional, physical and psychological impact of a cancer diagnosis.

The Younger Women’s Guide features advice and quotes from women who have experiences of living with a diagnosis of ovarian cancer at a younger age and it was written in consultation with health professionals with expertise in treatment and the impact of treatment.  It contains up-to-date information on treatment, relationships, fertility and early menopause. There is also support on coping with the impact cancer has on body image and sexuality, and coming to terms with not being able to have children.

Sarah Unwin, who was diagnosed with ovarian cancer when she was 40, features in the guide. She said: “I was delighted that the charities joined together to produce this much needed guide and happy to play a small part in its creation. As well as the specific medical and practical issues which can differ for younger women, it also contains the words and stories of women throughout the UK who have experienced this diagnosis and will hopefully reassure and reduce the isolation of those who read it when diagnosed.

“My hope is that all younger women with ovarian cancer will have the opportunity to read this guide and that in a small but vital way it will help them and their families’ at the most confusing and difficult time of diagnosis and treatment. Two years since diagnosis, am absolutely convinced of the need to access quality information and to realise the benefits of discovering that you are not alone.”

Target Ovarian Cancer, Ovarian Cancer Action, Ovacome and The Eve Appeal are so pleased to be able to support younger women living with ovarian cancer through this guide.

“This unified approach means that we will be providing younger women with a one-stop shop with valuable information and support and guidance on how best to make sense of their diagnosis and cope with the difficult times they may face.”

To order the booklet call 0800 008 7054 or email

Last reviewed: April 2016
Date of next review: April 2018

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