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The Ovacome rarer ovarian cancers support group is for those diagnosed with an ovarian cancer that is not high grade serous. This includes:

  • Clear cell
  • Endometrioid
  • Germ cell tumours
  • Low grade
  • Mucinous
  • Sex cord stromal tumours such as granulosa cell
  • Small cell
  • Any other rare type of ovarian cancer

We know that living with a rarer cancer can feel especially isolating. This group is an opportunity to meet others, ask questions and share experiences in a friendly and supportive space.

We meet from 2 to 4 pm on the second Thursday of every month.

If it's your first time joining the group, you will be sent an email with the joining instructions the day before the group takes place. You will then be added to the group mailing list, which you can ask to removed from at any point.

Each month after this, you will be sent an email one week before the group is due to take place, asking you to confirm your attendance. Once you've confirmed, the joining instructions will be sent to you the day before the group.

If you do not receive these emails from Ovacome, please check your email junk folder. Please call 0800 008 7054 if you have any queries.

By attending an Ovacome online event, you agree to our participation agreement, which you can read here. Please note that we will not tolerate any form of discriminatory or offensive comments during our event. Anyone who makes any comments that are deemed as such will be removed from the session.

We recommend that you use your personal email address to register for our events rather than a company address. This is for your privacy.

Here is some information about how to use Zoom on different devices:

On your computer

On your smartphone or tablet (iPad)

On your landline or mobile phone

Come join our supportive community, ask questions and share experiences. If you have any questions, get in touch on 07503 682 311 or at [email protected]


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