Results from RAMP 201 trial in low-grade serous ovarian cancer

We are pleased to see the updated results from Part A of the RAMP 201 (ENGOTov60/GOG3052) trial in low-grade serous ovarian cancer (LGSOC). Read more

New trial in the West Midlands to diagnose early-stage ovarian cancer

A £2 million study will see an advanced test used at GP surgeries in the West Midlands to diagnose early-stage ovarian cancer – potentially saving thousands of lives a year. Read more

Staff shortages across gynae cancer care have not recovered since the first wave of the pandemic

A recent study has revealed the impact of three successive Covid-19 waves on the provision of gynaecological cancer services in the UK. Read more

Research finds ovarian cancer risk up to 2.6 times higher for those carrying genetic risk factors for endometriosis

A study of genetic markers in nearly 15,000 women with endometriosis and more than 25,000 women with ovarian cancer has found what researchers say is a causal link between the two conditions. Read more

Information on the VALTIVE1 trial

A study of the new Tie2 blood test in women having bevacizumab for ovarian cancer (VALTIVE1). Read more

Preventing Ovarian Cancer through early Excision of Tubes and late Ovarian Removal (PROTECTOR) Study

PROTECTOR is a research study for women at increased risk of ovarian cancer. It aims to assess the impact on women of a new two-step surgery to prevent ovarian cancer. Read more

Niraparib evaluation by NICE for use in routine commissioning

Niraparib is currently being evaluated by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) for use in routine commissioning – meaning it becomes routinely available on the NHS. Read more

Advice on third primary Covid-19 vaccine dose for people with severely weakened immunity

The Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) has recommended that people with severely weakened immune systems should have a third vaccine dose as part of their primary Covid-19 vaccination schedule. Read more

Annual screening for ovarian cancer does not save lives, study finds

A large scale ovarian cancer screening trial - UK Collaborative Trial of Ovarian Cancer Screening (UKCTOCS) – has not been able to demonstrate that annual screening saves lives. Read more

NICE approves combination of olaparib plus bevacizumab (Avastin) for ovarian cancer

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) recently approved the drugs olaparib plus bevacizumab (Avastin) for use within the Cancer Drugs Fund (CDF). Read more

Two studies report secondary surgery can extend survival in recurrent ovarian cancer

The results of two research studies have shown that overall survival can be improved following secondary surgery for ovarian cancer. Read more

A new drug berzosertib shows promising results as it halts tumour growth

One patient, diagnosed with ovarian cancer, saw her tumours shrink after combination treatment with berzosertib and chemotherapy. Read more

Knowing personal ovarian cancer risk reduces worry

A study funded by Cancer Research UK and The Eve Appeal provided volunteers with a personalised risk estimate of developing ovarian cancer. The volunteers' ovarian cancer worry and general cancer risk perception decreased over six months. Read more

New blood test can detect 50 types of cancer, including ovarian cancer

A new blood test that can detect more than 50 types of cancer, including ovarian cancer, has been revealed by researchers in the latest study to offer hope for early detection. Read more

Research suggests DNA changes give off 'signals' up to decades before they grow to be malignant

Researchers discovered that genetic mutations which fuel the growth of tumours often occur years before the cancer is discovered. Read more

MRI tool that can diagnose difficult cases of ovarian cancer to be tested at 18 UK trusts

The new tool can identify cases of ovarian cancer which are difficult to diagnose using standard methods. Read more

Immune discovery 'may treat all cancer'

Researchers at Cardiff University have discovered a part of our immune system which could be used to treat all cancers, including ovarian cancer. Read more

Promising results for trial looking at olaparib in combination with bevacizumab as first line treatment

News from the ESMO (European Society for Medical Oncology) 2019 conference Read more

Promising trial of drug to treat low grade serous ovarian cancer

The randomised trial of a drug called trametinib – previously used to treat melanoma – was shown to have an increased response rate compared with standard treatments. Read more

Researchers develop early detection test for ovarian cancer

Researchers from Queen’s University Belfast have developed a test that may be able to detect ovarian cancer up to two years earlier than current approaches. Read more

New 'Trojan horse' cancer drug in development

The new drug can get inside tumour cells and has shown promise in patients with six different advanced, drug-resistant cancers. Read more

New AI test identifies women with ‘very high risk’ ovarian cancer

The test scans the shapes of tumour cells to pick out women with especially aggressive ovarian cancer, so treatment can be tailored to their needs. Read more

Immune cells cast DNA ‘webs’ that may help ovarian cancer spread

It is possible that preventing the webs from being formed could limit the spread and avoid the need for the omentum to be surgically removed Read more