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Cheryl Earnshaw (Nee McMurrough)

Cherished daughter and sister, wonderful wife and mother and dear friend to so many. Amazing speech therapist who supported so many children and families in her career dedicated to helping others. 17 Jul 1972 - 24 Jun 2016 Read more

Dr Lisa-Jayne Clark

Lisa was 40 when she died. She was a Consultant in A&E, a Mother, Daughter, Sister to Jenni and I, and a Wife to Simon. She was everyone’s friend. Reading the eulogies again, I’m still in awe of what she did, the impact she had on people, and her continuing love and devotion to her family and friends to the end. Despite being a highly trained doctor she still didn’t recognise the signs of ovarian cancer. She thought that maybe she was pregnant or stressed with a newborn. Sadly, this wasn’t true 03 May 1972 - 02 Oct 2012 Read more