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Cheryl Earnshaw (Nee McMurrough)

Cherished daughter and sister, wonderful wife and mother and dear friend to so many. Amazing speech therapist who supported so many children and families in her career dedicated to helping others. 17 Jul 1972 - 24 Jun 2016 Read more

Nicky Kirby

Nicky was bright and witty - a shining light that everybody was drawn to. She is so very loved and missed by her husband, her children, her Mum & Dad, her sister and so many friends, relatives and people lucky enough to have known her. 06 Apr 1971 - 29 Apr 2018 Read more

Fiona Stallwood

"Fiona was my big sister. Being born 3 years before me, Fiona was ever present in my life. Times were hard when we were young, and, living in a small bungalow, meant sharing a bedroom for much of our childhood. But, despite living under the same roof for over 30 years, whether in the family home, or latterly at her place, I must admit, I didn't know her as well, as perhaps, I would have wished. Fiona was always an intensely private person, not given to sharing her inner most thoughts and feeling 10 Aug 1963 - 01 Nov 2018 Read more

Dr Lisa-Jayne Clark

Lisa was 40 when she died. She was a Consultant in A&E, a Mother, Daughter, Sister to Jenni and I, and a Wife to Simon. She was everyone’s friend. Reading the eulogies again, I’m still in awe of what she did, the impact she had on people, and her continuing love and devotion to her family and friends to the end. Despite being a highly trained doctor she still didn’t recognise the signs of ovarian cancer. She thought that maybe she was pregnant or stressed with a newborn. Sadly, this wasn’t true 03 May 1972 - 02 Oct 2012 Read more

Susan Jane MANGHAM

Every day since Sue died takes me further away from happiness. She was the most selfless, generous loving partner and friend anyone could hope for. Stoical in the face of certain defeat she nevertheless kept all these qualities till the very end. I still love her and will miss her every day I wake. 30 Sep 1955 - 01 Feb 2019 Read more