In Memory

Dr Lisa-Jayne Clark

03 May 1972 - 02 Oct 2012

Lisa was 40 when she died. She was a Consultant in A&E, a Mother, Daughter, Sister to Jenni and I, and a Wife to Simon. She was everyone’s friend. Reading the eulogies again, I’m still in awe of what she did, the impact she had on people, and her continuing love and devotion to her family and friends to the end. Despite being a highly trained doctor she still didn’t recognise the signs of ovarian cancer. She thought that maybe she was pregnant or stressed with a newborn. Sadly, this wasn’t true and after an operation followed by 15 months of treatment she passed away. She’s gone but never forgotten. One of Lisa’s final wishes was that any money raised in her memory should go to Ovacome. We wanted the donations to be a meaningful legacy to Lisa, and so our Dad called the CEO and asked for her thoughts on a suitable project. She told him about a USA program called Survivors Teaching Students (STS) that was proving successful in increasing the awareness of the symptoms of ovarian cancer. Survivors of the disease presented their symptoms to medical students and clinicians. The intention is to improve recall amongst these future GPs and Medics with an earlier patient diagnosis outcome. If treated early, an ovarian cancer patient is more likely to have a good outcome. Misdiagnosis has been all too common putting victims of the disease at risk. In 2014 the inaugural STS program, in the UK, was launched by Ovacome at Lisa’s Medical School, Charing Cross. Since then it has reached over 2,500 medical and nursing students and the program continues to expand. Thank you for all the donations and fundraising so far and for keeping Lisa’s memory alive. Any further donations toward Ovacome’s STS program will always be welcome and gratefully received. Thank you Amanda x

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