Improving the experiences of LGBT people in cancer care

Lawrie Roberts, co-ordinator for Macmillan's LGBT Cancer Programme, met with our team to discuss how we can work to overcome the challenges faced by LGBT people in ovarian cancer care. Read more

Discovering the benefits of belly dance

Fleur Estelle, founder of the Fleur Estelle Dance School, explains the ways in which belly dance can be beneficial to those recovering from illness, as a form of gentle exercise. Read more

Finding flexible work after an ovarian cancer diagnosis

Astriid is an online platform that connects skilled individuals with long-term illness to companies offering flexible work opportunities. Read more

Avoiding late diagnosis in ovarian (ALDO) cancer for BRCA mutation carriers

Dr Adam Rosenthal, Consultant Gynaecologist at UCLH and Clinical Director for the ALDO project, discusses the new screening programme pilot. Read more

Looking after your oral health during and after treatment

Mary Tanay, oncology nurse tutor at London’s King’s College, discusses the oral problems that are commonplace when being treated with chemotherapy and the drugs used predominantly for ovarian cancer. Read more

Chemo facts and fiction

Dr Marcia Hall, a consultant in medical oncology, talks us through the myths and manifestations of chemotherapy for ovarian cancer. Read more

Coping with PTSD after an ovarian cancer diagnosis

Post traumatic stress disorder is now being recognised as a condition in cancer patients as they face life after diagnosis, Dr Sue Gessler explains. Read more

To test or not to test

Professor Sean Kehoe discusses current protocols for detecting recurrent ovarian cancers. Read more