Last month, we were delighted to join Cancer52 for the launch in the House of Commons in Westminster, of ‘The Other Half. A Manifesto to transform outcomes for people with rare and less common cancers. At a reception, hosted by MP Will Quince, Ovacome’s CEO, Victoria Clare and Trustee and patient representative Samixa Shah, stood shoulder to shoulder with other Cancer52 members, patient representatives, MPs and stakeholders in support of this initiative.

Samixa Shah, Trustee and Patient representative gives us insight into her experience during the event:

“It was a real honour to be invited to join Victoria for the launch of Cancer 52's manifesto - The Other Half. It was very empowering to listen to the experience of two patients and understand how patients speaking to their MPs and other policy makers can make a difference. It was very refreshing to hear MP Will Quince talk about the importance of improving cancer care and patient experience. The experience of being at the launch of the manifesto has made me even more determined to keep raising awareness and talking to policy makers about ovarian cancer.  I have been spurred on to continue working with the other trustees and Victoria to ensure Ovacome meets the needs of members especially in the areas of support and information.”

Cancer52 brings together charities united by the vision of seeing a better future for everyone affected by rare and less common cancers, which account for 47% of all cancers diagnosed in the UK. 

Cancer52’s manifesto outlines three key priorities:

Priority 1: Reduce the number of deaths from all cancers by 15% by 2040, saving 80,000 lives, and address health inequalities that contribute to poorer outcomes. 

Priority 2: Increase early diagnosis of rare and less common cancers which will improve patient experience, quality of life and help save more lives. 

Priority 3: A new national mission on rare and less common cancers with patient involvement at its core. 

At Ovacome, we’re proud to be a member of Cancer52. Ovarian cancer is classed as a less common form of cancer, in the UK, around 7,500 people are diagnosed every year, and the disease accounts for 4% of all new cancer cases in females. 

There are a number of different types of ovarian cancer, and here at Ovacome we’re committed to providing information and support for anyone affected by ovarian cancers, including the rarer types.

Earlier this year we held a member-led webinar on being diagnosed with rarer ovarian cancers, where members discussed their stories navigating their own personal experience, followed by a Q&A session. We also provide support through our helplines, information booklets either physically or digitally about rarer forms of ovarian cancer, as well as tailored support groups.

We support Cancer52's manifesto for rare and less common cancers. We're committed to bring about meaningful change to make a difference for patients throughout their diagnosis and treatment. We want a future where every individual experiencing cancer, regardless of its rarity, can easily access necessary support and have information available to understand their illness and make decisions about their care.

To read more about the Cancer52 manifesto please visit: