Our green commitment

Ovacome’s going greener

At Ovacome, we understand climate change has far-reaching effects on the environment but also on our physical, mental, and social wellbeing. As a charity dedicated to uplifting anyone affected by ovarian cancer, we feel we must minimise our environmental footprint  and contribute to the fight against climate change.

In July 2023 we were awarded funding from the Zurich Community Trust to support a year-long project to become more sustainable.

The funding has allowed us to begin the process of calculating our environmental  footprint, following which we will produce a carbon reduction plan and write an environmental impact policy, led by Sustainability Ambassador Imo Simmonds.

As well as looking at our own practices, the funding has enabled us to deliver webinars and information to empower our community members to incorporate sustainability into their own daily lives, while keeping their ovarian cancer diagnoses in mind. We’ve sent out 50 green goody bags  including samples of sustainable cleaning products, seeds, biodegradable sponges, sustainable recipes, as well as information on where to access advice around sustainable recycling and composting.

Our Summer 2024 magazine will focus on our sustainability project, so if you don’t already receive the magazine, you can sign up to do so here, as well as reading previous editions.

We must also pay thanks to volunteer Alex, a sustainability professional who has offered her time free of charge to help us with this project.

Take a look around this section of our website to find information about our green plans, and what we've been up to so far. 

We’d love to hear from you about our plans, maybe you have some ideas or skills that might help our project, or have a suggestion for a future workshop? Get in touch by emailing [email protected].

This Ovacome webinar gives an overview of eating healthily and sustainably on a budget, and with a diagnosis of ovarian cancer. This webinar is led by Rachel White, Specialist Oncology Dietitian. Rachel takes us through her advice for healthy eating on a budget, including using leftovers and shopping smartly. If you have questions about diet and ovarian cancer, get in touch with Ovacome on 0800 008 7054.