Set up a fundraising page with a target amount

  • Setting up a fundraising page is a great way to track your progress and keep everyone who has supported you updated.
  • When choosing your target amount aim high, but be realistic. You can always adjust this later.
  • Include a good quality photo of yourself on your fundraising page, as well as updates on how your fundraising is going.
  • If you are fundraising as a group then why not set up a group page together?
  • Remember to thank everyone who donates to your page.

Be personal and tell your story

  • People respond best to personal stories. Explain why Ovacome’s work is so important to you.
  • Photos and video content can help make your page feel more personal but make sure you only share content that you are comfortable with being public.
  • If you would prefer not to share your personal story you may want to share more generally how Ovacome provides free information and support to anyone affected by ovarian cancer or use our suggested text.

Use the power of social media

  • Share your fundraising page on any social media platforms you use. It is OK to do this more than once!
  • Ask friends and family to share your fundraising page with all their followers, that way it reaches even more people.
  • If you are hosting an event you can create a Facebook event for your fundraiser so that it is easily shareable. Make sure to include any relevant links (such as your fundraising page) in the event description.
  • Don’t worry if you don’t use social media, perhaps a friend or family member does. Ask them if they would be happy to share your fundraising page on their profile for you. Think about other ways you connect with people. Maybe you use WhatsApp or email? Consider sending out a message to all your contacts to tell them about your fundraising asking them to support you. Remember to be clear about how they can support you. If you have a fundraising page remember to include the link so that they can donate!

Connect with your local community

Your workplace

  • Tell your colleagues what you’re doing to fundraise for Ovacome and why and ask them to support you.
  • Check with your employer to see if they offer match funding for employees. This can come in the form of a one-off donation, or even go as far as matching everything that you fundraise! Even if they haven’t done it before, it doesn’t hurt to ask.
  • See if you can nominate Ovacome as your workplace charity of the year or organise a work event to help your fundraising.

Local businesses

  • Talk to local businesses to see if they would be happy to support you. Perhaps they could have a collection pot at the till, display a poster with information about your fundraising, or donate a prize if you are hosting a raffle.
  • Get in touch with us if you would like a letter to verify that you are fundraising in aid of Ovacome.

Local schools

  • Approach your local school and see if they can help. They may be willing to put a poster up if you are holding a fundraising event, or to hold a non-school-uniform day with proceeds going towards your fundraising for Ovacome.

Local news organizations

  • Reach out to your local news organizations and let them know about your fundraiser and why you think it is of interest to the community. You may be able to get some local press coverage.

Other community spaces

  • There are likely other community spaces or groups in your local area who may be happy to help. Try approaching sports clubs, libraries, and town halls.

Contact us for fundraising supplies

  • Let us know what you are planning so that we can support you! We can send you Ovacome items such as pens, pins, and bracelets to sell at your fundraising event. We also have BEAT symptom awareness posters for you to display or wallet-sized cards to give out and help raise awareness of the signs and symptoms of ovarian cancer.

Tell your potential supporters what their donations can do and how useful our support services are for anyone affected by ovarian cancer

    If you need any advice on fundraising for Ovacome or would like to talk through your ideas we would love to hear from you! Send an email to [email protected] or call Imo on 07767 619462.