Solo Running or Walking

As part of your daily exercise (as long as it is safe for you) there are lots of things you can focus on to make solo running and walking feel easier and more enjoyable than you might otherwise think. It starts with learning to keep your regular training schedule and habits.

If you’re able to run safely in a park, nature trail, or around areas where you live it is a great way to stay keep active in these times. Running and walking anywhere is a great way to improve your mental health. Recent research has also shown that exercising in natural environments further helps to reduce stress and worry, and lift our mood. Focusing on nature’s scenery and sounds also makes running feel more pleasant and enjoyable.

If running in nature isn’t an option, listening to music can be a great way of passing solitary training time. Music helps make running feel more pleasant, enjoyable, and less effortful. When developing your playlist, pick songs that you find motivating. Tunes that match your steps-per-minute cadence help your running rhythm. If you’re used to chatting with a running partner, podcasts can also be an excellent way to tune out, listen to some great conversation, and increase your learning at the same time. (Remember to keep safe if you have earbuds in, especially if you’re running on roads.)

Remember to set yourself goals - training to run a solo 5K, 10K, half marathon or a full marathon is a great way of doing this. Let your friends, family and colleagues know and start fundraising. You can set up your fundraising page on our website.

Set up a challenge with; family, friends and work colleagues you know across the country and set up your training programme (we can help you). Wherever they live in the UK, choose a date, set up a start time, connect virtually, have a count down - then start! You can then virtually connect at the end and celebrate! Remember to stay safe.

Let us know what you have planned, we would love to share what you are doing with our community fundra[email protected]