Take part in the Ovarian Cancer Teal Walk, our virtual community challenge, and help raise funds for our ovarian cancer support services.  


How it works 

  1. Set yourself a personal walking challenge. This could be doing a certain amount of steps or covering a certain distance daily, weekly, or monthly. Or even just a commitment to get out walking each day!
  2. Click here to set up your fundraising page on our website with your target and why you want to support our work. Share your page with friends and family and ask them to support your walking by making a donation to your fundraising page. 

  3. Get out walking and track your distance! You can do this using a free app on your phone such as Strava, a Fitbit, or we can send you a step tracker. We also send our Ovarian Cancer Teal Walkers an Ovacome t-shirt to wear while out on your walks to help raise awareness of ovarian cancer.  


Sign up for the Ovarian Cancer Teal Walk here



Why walk?

Walking has many benefits for both your physical and mental health and setting yourself a challenge is a great way of motivating you to get active, whatever your fitness levelAll the funds you raise will go towards ensuring that we can continue providing support to anyone affected by ovarian cancer as well as help raise awareness of the disease.  

Hear what some of our Teal Walkers have to say:

“Hearing those three little words ‘you’ve got cancer’ takes you on a rollercoaster of emotions, with the inner chatter box going 24/7. Walking has been my salvation … It is something I look forward to every day and am able to get into the rhythm of walking and slow down the inner chatterbox going on inside my head.” - Allyson 

“I thoroughly enjoyed taking part. I want to thank Ovacome for the idea behind the challenge. In particular, the concept that anyone could take part, regardless of their limitations, and benefit from the increased activity was excellent. Personally, I’ve surprised myself by how much fitter I feel in many ways, despite the cancer. Better still, I’ve developed the walking habit.” – Cynthia 

“The Ovarian Cancer Teal Walk has given me the boost that I needed. My mental health has not been at its best for an awful long time. I now sleep better because of the fresh air. My Fitbit tells me my resting heart rate has dropped and that there has been an improvement in my health for the better.” – Ameena  


If you have any questions or need any help in setting up your fundraising page please email us at [email protected] and we will be happy to help you. You can also give Lois a call on 07766 867829.



Walk with me Group

If you have an ovarian cancer diagnosis and are doing the Ovarian Cancer Teal Walk you can also join our friendly and supportive Walk with me group. 

The group connects virtually on WhatsApp to share friendship, encouragement, stories, and photos of the wonderful things they see on their walks. We also have a Strava club where you can share your routes and congratulate each other. 

The group was founded by one of our members, Allyson. After being diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2020 Allyson took up walking as a way to improve her fitness as she prepared for surgery. She has challenged herself to walk 1000 miles in 2021 and is well on the way to achieving this as she averages a marathon a week! Allyson has found great benefits from walking, whatever the weather, and wants to share her passion and connect with others. 

“It would be great if we can create a community that will map our miles and of course support each other, but more importantly create a movement for women to get walking, with everyone connecting by WhatsApp” - Allyson

You do not have to fundraise to be part of the "Walk with me" group, although you are very welcome to! It is a group designed for people with an ovarian cancer diagnosis who are doing the Ovarian Cancer Teal Walk to connect and support one another. 


I would like to join the 'Walk with me' group


Meet and hear from some of our lovely "Walk with me" members: 

“Walking each day brings so many benefits from keeping me fit to helping my immune system to giving me a boost, mentally; by the time I get back home, my cheeks are rosy and I feel uplifted. I’m learning to be mindful during my walks and have found that I see and hear so much more which has given me a new appreciation for nature.” - Gillian 

“This group is absolutely amazing. We didn’t know each other before and now have such support. It’s wonderful seeing other parts of the UK and it is lovely having such a friendship.” - Ameena 

£124 could pay for six weeks of online support groups and workshops for someone who is feeling particularly isolated and vulnerable during the pandemic. £232 could provide a support session to a group of people who need support at: end of life, family and friends, those who have been newly bereaved, stoma, or rarer forms of cancer.