Why support Ovacome's work?

Ovarian cancer is the most common cause of gynaecological cancer death, with over 4,000 women losing their life to this disease a year. Each year there are around 7,400 new cases.

Ovacome continues to support anyone affected by ovarian cancer; this often includes family members, clinicians and friends. We provide dedicated help and resources, personalised information, and emotional support.

Ovacome provides a range of support services: a free telephone support line, a 24 hour online forum, email support, instant chat service and face to face support groups. Our free support services are vital for this often overlooked and misdiagnosed disease. As one of our members wrote:

‘Ovacome offers a life raft when everything seems overwhelming’.

Your donation will help ensure that our work continues.


What your donations can do

£5 will cover the cost of a packet of information to be sent out to someone who has been newly diagnosed with ovarian cancer – a valuable source of information that they can use throughout the initial stages of treatment for the disease.

£25 could provide one hour of our specialist support for someone affected by ovarian cancer, through our freephone, online forum email and instant chat services.

£40 could pay for us to raise awareness of the signs and symptoms of ovarian cancer among 250 people.

£150 could pay for one of our specialist support groups to run for up to 20 women.  Through these groups we help to reduce feelings of isolation and provide specialist support or information at the time when some women need it most.

£403 could pay for one day of lab time for the Ovacome research team at the University of Birmingham to help them find new ways of treating and diagnosing ovarian cancer.