A diagnosis of ovarian cancer can be an isolating experience. As a less common cancer with an often-difficult treatment path, many people can feel scared, overwhelmed, and confused when they are told about their diagnosis.

For 25 years, Ovacome has been working to build a strong, resilient and supportive community for anyone affected by ovarian cancer, whether they have been diagnosed themselves or are supporting a loved one.

Since we were first established by a group of women living with the disease, it has been our mission to ensure that extensive resources and support are in place to help our community through every aspect of their experience with ovarian cancer.

We provide expert information materials, all written and reviewed by some of the leading clinicians working in the field. We also offer a comprehensive support service, through which we are available to answer any questions around diagnosis, treatment and care. Our support and information team are able to draw on the knowledge of our Medical Advisory Board, made up of 25 professors, doctors, nurses and other experts in ovarian cancer, to answer your questions.

Most importantly, we provide a strong, active network for those affected by the disease to connect with others, share experiences and advice, and offer each other encouragement through treatment and beyond. Many members of our community have formed friendships for life through our support groups and events, and have been able to find comfort in their darkest moments from others who understand exactly what they are going through.

Your donation will help ensure that our vital work continues.

“Ovacome offers a life raft when everything seems overwhelming.” – Helen

“I am so grateful to Ovacome, you have helped me so much during this lockdown. Living alone during Covid with serious health issues is not easy, but with Ovacome and your supportive programme it is manageable.” - Karen

“The support group has helped me beyond words can say.”


What your donations can do

£6 will cover the cost of sending our information booklets to someone who has just been diagnosed with ovarian cancer.

£28 could provide an hour of 1-1 specialist support for someone affected by ovarian cancer.

£42 could allow us to raise awareness of the signs and symptoms of ovarian cancer among 900 people.

£98 could pay for us to hold a live webinar with a leading clinician in the field of ovarian cancer for 100 people affected by the disease.

£124 could pay for six weeks of online support groups and workshops for someone who is feeling particularly isolated and vulnerable during the pandemic.