In September 2023, I was diagnosed with advanced ovarian cancer. It was a complete surprise, with few symptoms. Over the last eight months, I have had chemotherapy and surgery, catching more infections than I thought possible, ending up in hospital too regularly. But the chemotherapy and surgical operation have shrunk and removed visible tumours, which is fantastic, and treatment continues.

Cancer treatment isn’t something I’ve done alone though, and I have received incredible support from charities, medical professionals, work, friends and family. My fantastic husband John, son Matt, daughter Emma and brother Bob (see photos) are taking on a 100 mile bike ride on 26 May in aid of the ovarian cancer charity “Ovacome”. I cycled last year, before diagnosis, but I will be the support crew this year and may try to do a few miles on an electric bike!

Ovacome is a charity that I had never heard of before diagnosis. Ovarian cancer is rare but Ovacome raises awareness of symptoms (BEAT: bloating, eating difficulty, abdominal pain, toilet changes), supports sufferers and helps to raise awareness of cancer research. Research is vital and I believe that there will be incredible advances in treatment for ovarian and other cancers in the next decade. We are seeing them already.

The cyclists will do their best to hold onto the bike handlebars and not fall off, but any support for their adventure would be amazing! I know that there are many requests for donations but any contributions will be put to good use by Ovacome. Thank you! Janet Kerr