17 June 2019

'I am Khalil Uddin, Ovacome funded Research Technician for the Gynaecological Cancer Research Group at the University of Birmingham. I began working with the team in 2017 while studying for my Master of Research degree, during which I developed an interest in Gynaecological cancer, specifically ovarian cancer. The Research Technician position has given me a great opportunity to further increase my research skills and scientific knowledge of ovarian cancer.'

'My role as a Research Technician involves the day to day running of our laboratory in Birmingham and providing support to all members of the team. I also have my own independent project investigating why ovarian cancer develops resistance to chemotherapy. A typical day involves running various experiments for my project, preparing laboratory reagents, ensuring that essential laboratory equipment is working efficiently and helping other team members with setting up their experiments.'

'I’m proud to be funded by Ovacome who do wonderful things to support women with ovarian cancer and are helping to advance ovarian cancer research. Being in a translational research group is also great because our research findings are used to improve clinical practice and patient care. With the backing of Ovacome, I hope to deliver something that would bring us one step closer to improving outcomes for women with ovarian cancer.'