15 February 2021

Sarah Davies is the author of You Decide What 'C' Stands For, a book written about her experience of her mother's ovarian cancer diagnosis. She shares with Ovacome what writing the book has meant to her and what she hopes it will bring to others whose lives have been affected by the disease.

"I had been caring for Mum 6 months prior to her death, I could not leave her in the house on her own as she was so unwell. It was during this time I decided to write my book ‘you decide what ‘C’ stands for. It gave me a purpose and focus. I wanted to help raise awareness of ovarian cancer, this is something I am passionate about. 10 % of all profits from the book will go to Ovacome."

"My darling Mum died in March 2020. I had written and had my book published by December 2020. It was a difficult plight, yanking memories from my fragile mind whilst my grief was so raw, memories I had tried to bury."

"The driving force for me was all the women and their families still fighting this lonely battle. I wanted them and my Mum to be acknowledged."

"The synopsis of my book is as follows:

You Decide What 'C' Stands For delves into the emotional experience of a daughter and her mum as they travel a lonely and devastating journey through ovarian cancer.

Written from the daughter’s perspective, the main aim of this revealing book is to raise awareness of one of the disease. Its mission is to empower all women and their loved ones who endure this overwhelming and devastating slog.

Designed to take away the confusion of jargon, the author has also taken time to offer simple explanations used within the world of ovarian ‘C’ terminology. She also shares tips and ideas that brought comfort and support during her mum’s experience.

From the initial numbness of the words said to her mum: ‘I’m sorry you have ‘C’ through the rollercoaster ride that navigates their uncontrollable voyage, the author has left nothing out. Her story is raw, emotional, and honest from start to finish.

You Decide What 'C' Stands For strives to help if you are in a similar situation. What you are feeling is ‘normal’. This is a time when you are facing your biggest fears and you’re at your most vulnerable. A time when nothing makes much sense in your world. You are never alone. Despite what you think.

This is a story of a mother and daughter’s love and their changing roles as the ‘C’ is enforced upon them and shatters any threads of normality. This is a survival story of determination and the unwavering bravery of two remarkable women. It will help you in ways you can never imagine."

"My book is available to buy on amazon: paperback or kindle version."

Book cover image for You decide what c stands for by Sarah Davies