Ovacome aims to provide high quality services which meet the needs of its users. Your feedback is essential in helping us get things right.

If you have any suggestions/ comments/ feedback about our website, newsletter, information materials or any of our services please get in touch using the form below or email [email protected].


How to make a complaint

To ensure our services remain at a high standard we want to know when you are not satisfied. Ovacome takes complaints seriously and we use them as an opportunity to learn and develop.

If you have a complaint please email us at [email protected] or use the contact form below. You can also call us on 0207 299 6654, during office hours, and speak to the Ovacome office manager.

We will need to know your name and contact details and the facts of your complaint. All complaints will be logged.

We will acknowledge your complaint within three working days, and respond fully with 15 working days. If your complaint will need longer to investigate than 15 working days we will discuss and agree with you the date we will respond by in advance.

If you are not satisfied with the outcome of your complaint, please write to the Chair of Trustees at our address who will report the matter at the next trustee meeting, which will decide on any further steps to resolve the matter.

There are some circumstances where Ovacome cannot respond to a complaint:
• If it is made anonymously
• If the complaint is abusive, or harassing a member of staff
• If the complaint is outside the remit of the charity


Complaints form