You can download Ovacome's ovarian cancer resources below. If you would like to order a physical copy of these resources, or any of our B.E.A.T. awareness-raising materials, please get in touch on 0207 299 6658 or email us.


Download A Younger Woman's Guide to Ovarian Cancer


Download our specialist oncology dietitians' presentation about how to eat well with cancer


Ovacome Fact Sheets

You can download our Ovacome fact sheets about ovarian cancer below.

1. Signs and symptoms of ovarian cancer

2. About ovarian cancer

3. The stages of ovarian cancer

3a. Stage 1

3b. Stage 2

3c. Stage 3

3d. Stage 4

4. What happens if you are diagnosed

5. Medical terms

6. Surgical menopause

7. Sexuality

8. Treatments for relapsed ovarian cancer

9. Screening for ovarian cancer

10. Borderline tumours

11. Clear cell carcinoma

12. Rare ovarian tumours

13. Blocked bowel

14. Talcum powder

15. Surgery for ovarian cancer

16. Tests for ovarian cancer