Alison Russell As many of you will know, I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2016 just a year after I retired. So far I have had a major operation, two lots of chemotherapy and a targeted therapy drug to help to kick the beast into touch. My latest chemotherapy has reduced, but not eradicated the cancer which is treatable but ultimately incurable - life is now lived on a knife edge - there is no telling when I may have another recurrence or how severe that will be. Every little twinge can convince me that the beast is back!
The fact is, due to the fantastic work of this small charity, I don't feel alone and I know that with good funding and persistence from their research team, they will find new diagnostic tools, treatments and maybe one day a cure for ovarian cancer.
Having cancer has made me face many challenges (some of which I wouldn't have chosen!) so after my skiing holiday in March I am taking part in the Ovacome Touch of Teal fashion show as a model!
I have had an enormous amount of support from my lovely family and friends, but the charity needs to raise as much funds as possible to continue their good work. Any contribution would be welcome – thank you in advance.
About Ovacome:
Ovacome provides a range of support services for anyone who has been affected by ovarian cancer, whether directly or indirectly. They offer a free telephone support line, a 24 hour online forum, email support, instant chat services and face to face support groups. They also work to raise awareness of the disease and to provide information from some of the top clinicians in the field of ovarian cancer.
Ovacome also fund a research fellow at Birmingham University, who is working to develop new therapies and understand and improve outcomes for women with advanced ovarian cancer.
As a smaller charity, every donation really helps Ovacome to continue and expand their services, providing vital support to those affected by this lesser known form of cancer. Any amount that you can offer would be greatly appreciated and would contribute towards their important work.
Please share this page with your friends and family on Facebook, Twitter and elsewhere, so that I can reach my target and that together, we can help Ovacome to do more for those affected by this disease. Thank you! Alison Russell