Help Craig and Sarah to make a difference to those affected by ovarian cancer.

Mr Ovary, renowned for pounding the streets of Royston, Hertfordshire in a giant foam replica of the reproductive organ, has found a running partner to help raise awareness of ovarian cancer in a series of nationwide running events.

Otherwise known as Craig McMurrough, the 52-year-old human resources director, has teamed up with his Royston neighbour of 20 years, 46-year-old mother of three and a director of clinical development, Sarah Temple Fritchley to complete the gynaecological picture.

The pair, donned in matching 6ft ovary costumes, are due to be making their running debut in tandem next weekend at the London Winter Run, raising money for the ovarian cancer charity Ovacome in memory of Craig’s sister Cheryl who died of ovarian cancer six years ago. 

Sunday will primarily be about raising awareness of ovarian cancer with the symptoms — bloating that does not come and go, eating difficulty and feeling full more quickly, abdominal pain and bladder and bowel changes — highlighted on their backs.

But the pair will be raising money too and being competitive they have set themselves the target of completing the 10K run in under one hour and 15 minutes, encouraging one another with Craig being strong on long-distance running and Sarah, a member of Royston Runners, better on speed.

“I am very excited to run alongside Craig in the other ovary to complete the anatomical picture,” says Sarah. She is a keen advocate of early diagnosis, having lost her mother to bowel cancer.

Lois Tavernier