Lilian is a friend and colleague of ours at WM College who has been battling with ovarian cancer for the last year and is now leaving the college. We will be meeting with Lilian next week to say farewell and celebrate her time at the college and at Lilian's request, the traditional leaving gift collection will be given to the charity Ovacome. This cause means a lot to Lilian and and I hope that you’ll consider supporting their work in any way that you can.

Below is some information about what Ovacome does.

Ovacome provides a range of support services for those affected by ovarian cancer. This includes the family and friends of those diagnosed, as well as those who might be at higher risk of the disease because of their family history. Ovacome also work closely with doctors and other clinicians to ensure that those diagnosed are given the most up-to-date information to help them navigate their treatment and care.

Ovacome is also a community for anyone affected by ovarian cancer, meaning that the charity provides groups and events where people can meet others in similar circumstances, to share advice and offer each other encouragement along the way.

Every donation to Ovacome goes towards creating new services to support all those affected by this less common cancer. Any amount that feel able to give could make a huge difference to life of someone going through diagnosis and treatment at the moment.

Thank you!

Diana Teesdale