A year on it's time to reflect...
July 2021 to March 2022 - 8 months that changed my outlook on life forever!!

Following a few weeks of abdominal pain, a swelling tummy, doctors & consultant appointments, blood tests & scans, on August 25th 2021, I was diagnosed with suspected Stage 4 Ovarian Cancer! My response in trying to process the diagnosis - "Stage 4 cancer, I'm 35 with two little girls, this can't be right, I'm too young to have ovarian cancer, aren't I?!"

Summer and Autumn 2021 brought the scariest time of my life, I wouldn't wish it on anyone! Without the useful information provided by Ovacome, I don't know quite how I would have processed this journey and what was happening to me.

Thankfully, although I had some tough decisions to make and major surgery to contend with, I was one of the very lucky ones, my cancer was contained and following surgery I was re-diagnosed as Stage 1, without the need for further treatment! The relief that came at hearing those words is indescribable!!!

So, having been relatively unfit since having our 2nd daughter in 2018 , I've taken the plunge and decided to run the Cardiff Half Marathon on October 2nd 2022 with my very supportive husband Mat. We hope to not only raise a little money to support Ovacome and the work they do, but also raise awareness of the symptoms of Ovarian Cancer. If we can help just one more woman recognise the symptoms and get diagnosed early enough to beat this horrible disease - it will be worthwhile!

I'll be truly grateful for any pounds or pennies you can spare to support Ovacome in the fabulous work they do.

Thank you so much - Diolch o galon xx Amanda Ham